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The Wayseers' burgeoning new movement is full of revolutionaries, geniuses, free-spirits and pioneers. We are the change agents of the world - and because you have gotten to this page - you are probably one of us.


What the world needs is for you to come alive. What the world needs is for you to reach for your highest calling.

That is why we have launched - a centralized think tank for Wayseers to come together and start the initiatives the world needs. Inside you will be met with hundreds of other Wayseers who are prepared to back you on your journey to answer your deepest callings. With us you will become part of the first society ever established just for Wayseers. With us you will become part of a powerful new movement destined to transform the world. Do you need to join to be considered part of the Wayseers Movment? Of course not. But this a place where Wayseers can gather together to connect and collaborate.


But why would a non-conformist want to join any group? Joining this community is not about conforming - it's about collaborating... And a very powerful form of collaborating, because we are a wild bunch all in some way in touch with the Way - able to connect with each other on a deeper level and lend each other a kind of support not experienced anywhere else. We've had marriages happen from Wayseers who met in this forum. We've helped prevent suicides. We've helped launch all kinds of creative projects for one another.


We ask for a $9 contribution, but even that is optional. This site is available to everyone. We turn no one away. Can't afford $9? Click here for help. Your contribution is important if you can make it, because it helps us "keep the lights on." Your contribution covers the costs of keeping the website running and improving, producing new multimedia experiences like the Wayseer Manifesto, and making ourselves available to you for questions and technical help. Any additional proceeds will go to supporting growth and outreach for this movement.


What People Are Saying...

"Trust me, it will be worth it!
I post in many forums and have been doing so for many years. I've never found a place like this. I doubt that even Garret expected this to turn into what it has.

This is an incredible place where we can meet with like-minded people who understand us. This is what we all NEED in our lives."

~ J.K. - member



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      (then a $9 per month contribution if you choose to stay. Can't afford $9? Click here for help. It is important for you to make this contribution, because it allows our services to you to be free of corporate advertiser influence, while providing you a robust collaborative environment, regular installments of valuable Wayseer centric presentations, and supports our outreach to find and activate other Wayseers like you.) Financial assistance available - click here to learn more.

      Inside you will access a powerful think tank of hundreds of other Wayseers and a growing media library of over 30 hours of video and audio presentations designed specifically for helping Wayseers.

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Financial assistance is available - click here to find out more.




why are we asking for financial contribution?

Question: Aren't you rich? Shouldn't you make this free?

Answer from Garret John (the guy from the video): People seem to think I'm rich, but right now I'm just making ends meet. I have put everything I have into preparing for this movement, building the websites (took years), writing the book (took years), writing, recording and doing the video editing for the Manifesto (took months) and all I have left now is the proceeds from these offerings to make sure this movement works.


Question: Why not make access to this site free like Facebook?

ANSWER: Let's face it: Facebook isn't really free. Facebook is quietly funded and thus partially owned by large unscrupulous corporate interests like Goldman Sachs who took $12 Billion in bailout money from your taxes (if you're American) and gave $14 Billion in bonuses. Facebook is also willing to sell your information to the highest bidder. This is not a good model.


Question: Why not just sell advertising to make it free?

Have you watched network news recently? Notice anything "off" about it? Not that it's not entertaining, but it reports more on Charlie Sheen than it does about real world news. That's because the news stations don't answer to you - they answer to their advertisers.


We want to be independent of undue corporate influence. We want this movement to only want to answer to you and the rest of our tribe. So that leaves us with the PBS / NPR model of fund-raising, which relies on you to help keep the lights on.


why support this movement?

Allow me to answer with a story: A monk went to his master and said, "Master, it feels as if there are two dogs fighting in my heart. One is for all that is good in me. The other is for all that is evil. Master, tell me which dog will win?" The Master answered, "The dog that you feed."


Currently you probably spend all kinds of time and money feeding giant corporations and corporate greed by buying their overpriced coffee, their 2 year contracts, their sweatshop merchandise, their loan-shark financing... But how much do you feed the little guy, the good earnest people who put their necks out to try to make the world a better place? The idea that every good spiritual cause should be free is noble, but while we throw all of our resources into feeding the giant gluttonous corporate empires who are willing to destroy our planet, our communities and our livelihoods to fill their coffers, it's also insane. That's why we're in trouble, because we've got some very backwards ideas of what deserves our financial support. The Wayseers Movement is trying to help reverse this tide by waking up Wayseers to what they truly are, but in order to be successful it is important that you chip in.


TL;DR - Even Tyler Durden had to sell his soap in the beginning, to start their revolution.


what if you need financial assistance or can't contribute?

If you would like to join but truly cannot afford to contribute the cost of one Starbucks coffee a week to be part of an experience that could change your life and the world, click here and we'll help you out. In lieu of financial contribution, we might ask that you offer this community a little more love than most, offering your time in assistance to other members of the movement.